Friday, April 25, 2014

warehouse district

During college I worked downtown Minneapolis at an artist supply store.  It was a cool gig for a design student -- surrounded by the best art supplies while working with professional artists and designers.  The location: the Warehouse District.  A run-down neighborhood of old factories and warehouses with a subtle hip vibe.   

Fast-forward 15 years and this place is THE place to be.  Now called North Loop, the scene consists of stylish apartments and condos capitalizing on the views of downtown and Target Field
(Smack Shack lunch crowd, patio seating)

An ideal hub for the creative agencies by day, microbreweries and pedal pubs by night.  And the restaurants...let me tell you about the restaurants!

(A little pub crawl, between Parlor and Marvel)

(Dinner at Borough)

These are my favorite spots to dine in the Warehouse District/North Loop: Click links below for websites and menus:
Bar LaGrassa
Smack Shack 

        Happy dining!