Wednesday, June 8, 2016

details. function. beauty

Thrilled with the results of the new build-out for a financial management group!  Sienna Lynn Studio was challenged with creating a beautiful, functional office design in a new, smaller space.  With this new footprint, design is definitely in the details. 
During construction:
Design Goals: 
Maintaining efficiency in every square foot, while achieving transparency and light throughout the office. This was achieved not only with finishes and lighting, but in the architectural plans with a large window into the conference room, low walls in main areas, side-lights at each private office, and glass panels between workstations to allow natural light to filter through the interior.

Finish Palette: 
Alabaster white, medium gray tones, and branded green accents come together with tailored, classic modern lines.  

All new, custom furniture selected and designed for maximum function. Overhead storage, mesh-back chairs, and sit-to-stand desks provide flexibility and health benefits. 

Artwork from the clients' collection is showcased throughout, including colorful contemporary paintings and a commissioned Charlie Brown statue. In addition, a large custom metal "W" logo is featured, and a coat rack from local furniture designer Blu Dot stands in the reception area.