Tuesday, January 16, 2018

b4 and after: january

We stayed busy working on lots of office interiors in 2017. Each office is tailored to the unique style of the business and brand. 

I'll try to post a few 'before and afters' here each month.

Some are remodels and others are new build-outs.  Thanks to all of our great clients past, present, and future... we will continue to create many more custom-designed interiors in 2018!



Sienna Lynn Studio designed a new shared office space for two businesses.

The space features customized private offices based on individual needs, a new conference room, and a reception with beverage area.

Original modern art throughout is bright and bold against the light walls.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Starting outlines for sienna lynn studio's new website.  My goal is to have a new website rolled out by spring... but busy projects are pushing this to Fall.
Anyone out there a pro at square space? I need to dive into this soon.

commercial design. personalized.