Friday, November 18, 2016


People often ask about the name of my interior design business. Here are a few fun-facts behind the origin of Sienna Lynn Studio.

A color. 
The paint tubes of sienna (raw and burnt sienna) are used in almost every painting that I've done. A trick I learned from one of my painting professors in collage: adding sienna while mixing the paints, creates a similar undertone to the finished artwork.

A name. 
As a mom of 3 boys, this name was not selected for those babies, however I chose it for my other baby -- my business. The year was 2009 and I followed my intuition to leave the corporate world (during the recession!) and begin a new journey. The unknown. Sienna Lynn Studio was launched to focus on my passions: helping people + design.  Connecting with individuals and companies who understand that design can impact their business in so many amazing ways. 

A place.
Siena is located in Italy, central Tuscany. I daydream of a future trip to Italy. The same year that I started Sienna Lynn Studio, I made a promise to myself that I would visit Siena for my 50th birthday. I was in my early thirties and this seemed like an eternity away, but this vision would make me smile during all the ups and downs of starting a business as a single mom. Now a family of five and only 10 years away!

A wine.
A favorite choice for red. Looking forward to many more years with Sienna Lynn Studio and continuing the unknown of each day.