Tuesday, May 19, 2015

mad men and minneapolis

I'll admit, I started watching Mad Men after reading an article with photos of the award-winninng set design. The authenticity of the period in history is what intrigued me, and the story line has me hooked into the final season!

Described as a time capsule from the world of 1960's advertising in New York, the mid-century furniture takes center stage. The styles and details of the set design are so cool to see transform throughout the drama.

 (Image via Interior Design Magazine)

Mad Men Article (via Interior Design Magazine):

At the beginning of my interior design career I worked on various ad agencies in Minneapolis. I love designing spaces with purpose and intention.  Adversing agencies need to reflect their company brand, attract potential clients, and spark the creativity of employees.  Sienna Lynn Studio is currently working with one of the top advertising agencies here in Minneapolis.  With the final episode of Mad Men approaching, this real Minneapolis workspace design begins...much more exciting!

Hard hat zone. Visualizing a new creative work space downtown

Design meeting in Minneapolis

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